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Défense de thèse de doctorat en sciences physiques

Experimental investigation and modeling of low pressure plasma polymerisation with the purpose of nanoparticle functionalisation

Catégorie : défense de thèse
Date : 17/01/2019 16:00 - 17/01/2019 18:00
Lieu : Amphithéâtre CH11, rue Grafé, 5000 Namur
Orateur(s) : Stella MATHIOUDAKI
Organisateur(s) : Stéphane LUCAS

Marjorie OLIVIER (UMons), Rony SNYDERS (UMons), Andreas PFLUG (Fraunhofer-Institut für Schicht), Pierre LOUETTE (UNamur), président, Stéphane LUCAS (UNamur), promoteur


The work described in this thesis focuses on the plasma deposition of amine polymer films by cyclopropylamine onto metal oxide nanoparticles using a hollow cathode magnetron reactor. Main objective of the thesis is to contribute to the understanding of the plasma deposition mechanisms in order to produce highly functionalized nanoparticles surfaces that can be exploited in a vast number of applications, such as nanocomposites. In this frame and by employing both numerical and experimental techniques, we investigate the impact of the process conditions on the discharge dynamics and on the plasma deposition mechanisms. Furthermore, we study the physicochemical properties of the plasma modified nanomaterials, we describe in detail the influence of the amine plasma deposition on the nanoparticles dispersibility and we show that high reactivity can be achieved and can be exploited in order to obtain stable dispersions.

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